Coding is a creative and powerful tool that we are passionate about teaching... but it's also a tough subject! That's why we have created our own coding curriculum to teach children to be digitally creative by inventing and building their own codes, websites and games !

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Some of our amaz:ng students' work:

Our teaching method ? 1 to 1 teaching, fundamental concepts are better understood this way. We explain tough concepts by getting children to translate their own ideas into a computer.

  • G:acomo

    11 y/o

  • Ol:

    9 y/o

  • Soph:e

    15 y/o

  • Thommy

    8 y/o

  • Val

    8 y/o - Coming Soon

  • Somto

    14 y/o - Coming Soon

"Bear Cod:ng is breaking the mould of coding education!"

Michael Bisordi - CEO of Tungsten Partners

Join us at bear cod:ng. Learn to code !

  • Tutors

    Passionate tutors

    Our tutors are real world programmers passionate about teaching.

  • curriculum

    Learning by doing

    Creativity is the main building block in our curriculum. We believe that coding should be fun and interactive. Students start with developing their own ideas into code the same way a professional programmer would.

  • website

    A platform to share

    Each student will create a website that they will learn to update and administrate. They can then share their creations and codes with their friends.

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What we offer:

Private One-to-One lessons and website
• Lessons held at yours with the flexibility to suit your timetable •
• FInding what the children want to build and helping them achieve that •
• More Levels coming soon •

  • Tutors

    Level O

    This is our introduction course! You will learn basic skills and already be able to program some beautiful graphics in Python.
    Time: 4 hours
    Fee: £50/h

  • website

    Level 1

    This is our beginners course. Learn the basics of programming in Python and upload them to your own website.
    Estimated time: 10 hours
    Fee: £50/h

  • Tutors

    Level 2

    This is our elementary course. Advance further in Python, learn new programming languages and upload them to your own website.
    Estimated time: 15 hours
    Fee: £50/h

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Why cod:ng matters.

  • Builds creativity

    We want to help our society to evolve from consumers of digital services like apps or websites to creators. Learning computer programming is more than just advancing in a technical skill level. It is a language that allows you to discover new ways to develop and express your creativity.

  • Logical thinking

    Learning computer coding also helps think of problems mathematically and logically and develop children's analytical skills!
    Bill Gates said: “Learning to write programmes stretches your minds and help you to think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think are helpful in all domains.”

  • The Future

    We believe that children should have a strong voice in tomorrow’s world. Lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers of tomorrow will need to comprehend the digital world to shape it!

  • Who we are

    Our tutors are young coding professionals eager to pass on their knowledge in a fun and engaging way!
    Bear Cod:ng

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